I want my money playing poker on web, how can I do it?

You have decided to play poker, but right now none of your friends want to sit at the table green look to the PC, think back to the advertising of that site, and start considering the absurd possibility of playing on the internet. For a little person experienced in information technology, pay online can be a step into the void, because basically it comes to hand money to an entity without a face. This article will illustrate the main mode of payment towards the poker rooms, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, to give at least an idea of what we run when you choose to perform a movement of money via the internet.

The credit card is the most common payment method, and probably also the safest. I would first point out a distinction between credit cards and debit cards.
The first is connected to a bank account that theoretically (not always) may allow the use of money also in the case where the money is not physically present on its own account.
This means that even if the account balance is negative, you can still continue to spend money until the bank sees fit, in its contract with the bank, there should be a clause regarding the maximum tolerable debt.

The debit card, more commonly known as a prepaid card, but can only use the money in the account: in other words, can not go red.
That said a debit card for online transactions because it has some advantages:

Undergo a fraud (of any kind) can include a maximum loss of the money they actually have the account. It is not a trivial matter: if you have 100 euros on paper, but the bank makes you credit up to $ 1000, with a debit card risk of losing 100, with a credit card 1100.Il risk of losing your fund should be separate from the money you have decided to invest in poker, even though it may seem absurd, it is possible to fall victim to psychological situations as a result of emotional shock due to the games you’ve played (commonly called “Tilt”), which you may bring instantaneously to invest huge sums of money. And losing them.
The debit card is more widespread in Italy placed the pay, it can be ordered at any post office. Almost every bank offers a rechargeable card and has no special advantages over other online transactions with respect