New Zealand Poker Championship Title Along With $100,000 won Australian Pro Player Player

This week’s setting for the final table in the New Zealand Poker Championship was Christchurch Casino in New Zealand, which turned out to be a seriously hard-fought match with the especially of some fine poker skills.

In the final heads up, it was a confrontation between an Australian and a New Zealander when Richard Grace, a Kiwi househusband in addition to his opponent, the Australian poker pro Eric Assadourian which eventually led to the finishing off the game.

After a tough contest, Assadourian the Australian, came out the winner and returned with in the $100,000 grand prize to the land of Oz, the winning trophy and a sponsored seat for himself in the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Assadourian said in a press release that he used all of his experience in order to win the tournament. He notes however, that he really needed to work to win the grand prize. By the time he had made it to the final table, the only thing on his mind was to win the tournament. As the other players continued to lose out, Assadourian built up a decent level of chips.

For coming in at second place, Grace, the Wellington, New Zealand resident came out with $60 000.

Mick Ryan, the Christchurch Casino Poker Operations Manager, described this main event as being a ‘brilliant climax’ to the week’s of scintillating poker play. he said that from the very beginning people were trying to knock each other out, and that it was great to see a Kiwi standing there at the end. He noted however, that , but Eric ‘The Voice’ Assadourian had already demonstrated throughout the tournament that he was a very shrewd player and knew when to take a risk.