Poker, what is the Return on Investment

Surely the vast majority of online poker players have often heard mention the word ROI. In fact it is nothing that stands for “Return on Investment”, whose value indicates what our game is profitable.

To calculate the ROI is only need 2 items: the buy-in tournament that we played and the payout obtained. Calculation is as follows:

ROI = ((Win – Buyin) / Buy-in) x 100

the buy-in must be inclusive of the fee paid.
To “win” means the sum of the revenues of individual placements.
To “buy in” means the sum of the buy-in for each game.

We therefore an example: If you’re playing Sit’n go from 10 €, and we conclude the tournament in 1st place winning € 40 our ROI will be:

ROI = ((40-10) / 10) x 100 = 300%

It ‘s very useful to calculate the ROI after a high number of games, to see if we can be successful at a given stake. For example, if we played from 1 € 500 Sit, and the sum of our total placements is 501 €, our ROI will be:

ROI = ((501-500) / 500) x 100 = 0.2%

Usually, as regards the n go, a reliable value of the ROI occurs after at least 2000/3000 games played.

Obviously the key thing is that the ROI is positive, because it implies that we are active! The higher the ROI, the greater our quality compared to the level of the opponents for that particular buy-in.

Usually it is assumed that, in the long run, an acceptable ROI for sit and go single table to be about 4-6%. An ROI better instead is the so-called “double digit”, ie more than 10%.

Beyond profit, ROI is a fundamental value to understand what we ourselves or our opponent is winning or not. Obviously more and more as you play our ROI will be accurate! In fact, if after 3,000 games played we have a ROI of 15% from 10 € to sit, it means that we beat the level widely and therefore we can think calmly to level up.