The Upcoming National Poker League’s 2018 Circuit Tour Will Prove To Be A Real Global Event

500 million homes throughout the world will be watching the National Poker League’s 2018 Global Circuit Tour which is offering a Euro 3.6 million prizepool along with television action coverage that will certainly attract top players and first class sponsors.

This event has been justifiably presented as being the largest poker event ever in Europe. The giant tour will commence in Paris on the 13th of May with the Paris Open located at the Cercle Gaillon in this, the French “city of light”. It will be continuing on until May the 22nd. In order to buy in you need Euro 4,000 and there is also a Euro 200 registration fee. It has been promised by the organizers that the prior event champions will appear as a part of the action.

It may also be said that the planned television coverage will be extensive, being provide to a complete range of countries. There will be a series of six 1 hour screenings which are being arranged through the CBS TV Station Groups, France’s TF1, Jet Sports, WGN Superstation, Eurosport and TV Monte Carlo.

In addition there are other places in which the Global Circuit Tour will touch down and these are to include the U.K. Open in August, the Asia Open in October and the Vegas Open in November.

The National Poker League’s partners for this Tour are to include the Hollywood Park Casino in Los Angeles, Cercle Gaillon and Aviation Club in France, the Loose Cannon in London, and Casino de Marrakech in Morocco.

NPL World Poker provides additional information for those interest.