What is Poker Cash Game

Cash game or ring game as it is commonly called, is the basic form of poker and is currently available in the poker rooms. Com, but it should be made available to users of the Italian Poker Rooms as from 18 July 2011.

The main difference between the cash and poker as you play in poker rooms today. It is represented by the registration procedures and closing the game. With the “tournament mode” you have the opportunity to join a tournament or a sit and go (single table or multi table) by paying a ticket for the inclusion of variable fee depending on ability and win a prize that is defined by the total of buy-in that is subtracted from the commission of the poker room, and varies depending on the position reached in the table, the game is done using the chips that have no value in the real world, but become real money only if you can get a placement at a premium.

In cash games (single player only in the variable table) we proceed as follows: you open an account in any poker room that offers this type of game and leads to the lobby where you can choose one of the many tables available, the choice as in the standard mode is bound to put mail into play and can play so many levels, starting from such micro levels with blinds 0.05 / 0.10 euro cents (minimum stake of € 2 entry, maximum stake 10 euros) until you get to high stakes games with blinds that can get there (in the case of poker.it) even at 5/10 euro (200 euro minimum stake of entry, mail $ 1,000 maximum).

The moment you enter the amount you choose a table that you want to enter, which has a maximum amount specified in the general value of 100 BB, a value that is known as a safe altitude in order to make their own game tranquility of course you can also choose to go with a lower share, but you can not get to come in with less than 20 times the Big Blind.

Once in the table will be immediately asked to chose a dark place to start playing, but of course you can also use the “sit out” and “waiting for the Big Blind” to just wait until the darkness arrives to begin to participate actively in the game.